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Learn More About Hunger and the Need in Our Community

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Classroom Activities and Projects 

  • How'd That Get That on My Plate? A lesson exploring the origins of the foods we eat. Ages: 10-12, grades 4-6. (World Food Programme Resources)
  • The Community Food Game.  This interactive role-play experience provides participants an opportunity to learn about the challenges faced by low-income people trying to obtain satisfying and nutritious food. Age: 12 and up. The pdf provided does not include activity templates.  Please email Jennifer (at for the complete activity document. (Courtesy Atlanta Community Food Bank)
  • Just Say "Know" to Hunger.  Participants will analyze what it means to be hungry, why people are hungry around the world, and what they can do.   Ages 5 and up.  (From



For More Information or Inquiries about Complete the Circle:

  • Food Pantry Donations:  Christina Garris, ODB Food Program Manager at (703) 273-8829.
  • Event Sponsorships: Jennifer Rose, Development Manager at (703) 273-8829.
  • Participants and Congregations: Sheila Dixon, Outreach and Advocacy Manager at (703) 273-8829.