Referring Agent Information

To Receive Any Services from Our Daily Bread, a Client:

  • Must be a Fairfax County Resident (includes residents of City of Fairfax, City of Falls Church, Town of Herndon, Town of Vienna).
  • Must have a referral by a social worker or case worker from the Fairfax County Health and Human Services or a Fairfax County Community Based Organization (CBO) or Faith Based Organization (FBO). Individuals who do not have a social worker may call (703) 222-0880. A social worker from Fairfax County Health and Human Services will complete an assessment over the phone and make a referral if warranted.

Our Daily Bread provides financial assistance, food assistance and financial mentoring to all of Fairfax County (including residents of City of Fairfax, City of Falls Church, Town of Herndon, Town of Vienna) - except the Route 1 corridor.  We are a second-tier provider in the area of United Community Ministries (UCM), Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services and Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC). See Zip Code listing (PDF).

Holiday Assistance

Our Daily Bread's Holiday Program: The Holiday Program seeks to help low-income individuals and families throughout the Fairfax County area with Thanksgiving and December holiday meals and gifts for children (under 18) for the December holidays. ODB seeks sponsors from the community to help families, and seeks financial donations so that we can provide gift cards to families who are not sponsored. County and school social workers and guidance counselors and representatives of other designated organizations may make referrals in the fall for Fairfax County area residents (including residents of the Cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church and the Towns of Herndon and Vienna) to receive assistance through Our Daily Bread's Holiday Program. UPDATE (12/3/14): The Holiday Program is no longer accepting referrals.

Holiday Program Contact: Dawn Sykes, Seasonal Programs Manager, 703-273-8829.

Food Assistance

Our Daily Bread's Food Bridge Program offers short-term food assistance to qualified Fairfax County residents who have been referred to the Program and are able to receive food deliveries of non-perishable food items to their homes on two Sundays each month. This is a supplemental program that is intended to provide approximately four months of food assistance while the recipient recovers from a financial crisis. Our waitlist is approximately two months before regular delivery.

ODB also provides emergency food assistance to qualified Fairfax County residents who are referred to us. It may take 4-5 days before a client receives the food assistance.

Anyone wishing to be on Our Daily Bread's Food Program must be a Fairfax County resident and be referred by a social worker or other qualified referring agent.

Referring agents may submit an Application for Food Assistance on behalf of a client: MS Word  PDF

Applications may be sent to to Food Program Manager Christina Garris by email at or fax at 703-273-7131. She may be reached by phone at 703-273-8829.

Financial Assistance

Our Daily Bread can provide qualified Fairfax County residents with a one-time grant of up to $200, which must be paid directly to the service provider. Financial grants are intended for an emergency payment toward housing, utilities, auto repair, or medical assistance. ODB must receive a referral from a qualified social worker, community-based organization or faith-based organization in order to dispense financial assistance. The funds ODB provides are most often part of a "package" of funds that the social worker requesting funds puts together by receiving pledges from two or more sources to cover an entire bill. In cases where ODB's funds are part of a package, ODB will not release funds to the vendor until receiving confirmation that the package is complete – meaning that funds have been secured from all sources to cover the client's bill.

***New Requirement (Nov. 2014): Our Daily Bread now requires Financial Assistance recipients to attend a Financial Literacy class. It may be a class offered by ODB or another local organization. There is a 3-month window in which to take the class after the receipt of financial assistance through ODB. The Referring Agent/Social Worker will provide a schedule of classes to the client, and the client will be responsible for contacting ODB to RSVP to attend an ODB class, or providing proof that he/she has attended another organization's class. Eligible ODB classes are Thrifty Thursday Basic Budgeting classes, which are offered each month in a different area of the County, and our monthly Financial Counseling Clinic in Alexandria (we are working to add a clinic in Western Fairfax area community partner needed!). Contact Maria Jose Cantoni with any questions about this requirement. 

Grants are given between the 15th and 31st of each month.

To make a referral for financial assistance, a social worker or case worker must call one of ODB's referral intake workers. Please call between 8:30am - 10:30am. Grants are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the intake worker does not reply to your message by 10:30am, that means there are no more funds available. Please do not expect a call back. The social worker needs to be prepared to provide all the information on the Application for Assistance (MS WORD) (PDF). The application is for your reference only. Referral intake workers do not accept faxes or emails.

Financial Assistance Worker Intake Schedule

Our office will be closed on 05/25/15


Schedule is subject to change. Please call (703) 273-8829 for information.



Phone Number



(571) 331-5130


Mary Ann

(703) 242-4262



(540) 257-4290 



(703) 425-9352



(703) 759-2279


Financial Literacy Services


ODB requires a referral from a Social Worker with Fairfax County or qualified Community Based Organizations or Faith Based Organizations for those wishing to receive Financial Mentoring services. Clients who are referred for mentoring services must attend a basic budgeting class and will then be screened for suitability to be matched with a mentor. VIEW the flyer. To make a referral, fill out the APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE (MS WORD, PDF) and send it to: Marcelle Miles; E-mail:; Fax: 703-273-7131.

ODB's Basic Budgeting (Thrifty Thursdays) and credit education classes are open to the public. No referral is needed, but we ask that you or the client RSVP to Marcelle Miles at 703-273-8829. ODB also offers Free Financial Counseling Clinic sessions in Alexandria (efforts to resume Herndon FCCs are underway). Clients may visit our Get Financial Literacy Help page to learn about all our Financial Literacy services.

Project BRIDGE

Project BRIDGE combines our Food, Financial Assistance, Financial Literacy and Holiday programs and leverages community resources to assist struggling families in the Fairfax County area. Those accepted in our program must have the willingness to improve their financial and living situation and are required to be dedicated to the program for twelve months, be able to meet with a financial mentor twice a month and Project Bridge Manager once a month. Clients need to be working and reside in a home in the Fairfax City area. VIEW the flyer. To make a referral, fill out the APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE  ( MSWord) (PDF) . Send to Sally Meyer at or 703-273-7131.

School Supplies

Our Daily Bread partners with Fairfax County's Collect for Kids initiative to purchase and distribute school supplies to the schools it is serving at a significant discount. In 2012 Our Daily Bread collected financial donations, backpacks and scientific calculators to assist students in the Fairfax High School and J.E.B. Stuart High School pyramids. ODB works with Fairfax County Public Schools to determine the school pyramids it will assist early in the year and contacts and provides applications to social workers in schools in those pyramids in the spring. ODB then orders supplies for those schools based on the orders that have been placed by social workers and distributes supplies to the schools in mid-August. ODB hopes to be able to expand our program in future years to assist students at other FCPS pyramids that are not being served by other community organizations. To learn more about the program, visit our Back to School page or contact Dawn Sykes at 703-273-8829.

Naomi Project

The Naomi Project caters to women of all ages that are pregnant or newly parenting and whom a healthcare provider deems at risk with the pregnancy or parenting. Client needs to be resident of the Northern Virginia area and can include Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, and Manassas. The Naomi Project does not take self-referrals and must be referred by a social worker or counselor. All referrals will be screened for program suitability and mentor availability. Those accepted into the program must be willing to meet with a Naomi Project mentor and Area Coordinator at their (client's) home for the initial visit and maintain contact via phone, text, or email with mentor regularly thereafter. To learn more about the Naomi Project, visit our page or contact 703-860-8633. To make a referral, fill out the Naomi Project Referral Form (MSWord)(PDF) and fax to 1-800-657-9401.